Electro inspections

Elektroinstalace revize Mayer has been providing electro inspections for 13 years for homes in the Brno region as well as for company clients and institutions. We offer the following services in the field of electro inspections:


Initial and periodical inspections of electro-installations and electrical appliancies

Fixing of defects revealed during electro inspection

Help with arranging forms and applications for distribution companies

Inspections of electrical appliancies and lightning conductors inspections:

- houses, flats, blocks of flats

- company and industrial buildings, shops, authorities, schools

- fixing of defects revealed during electro inspection


Inspections and check of electrical tools during usage


Inspections of electrical appliencies during usage:

- electrical appliancies of information and office technology – computers, copy machines, printers, faxes, etc.

- electrical appliancies for homes – fridges, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, stoves, microwave ovens, etc.

- Consumer electronics – radios, cassette players, audio systems, television sets, etc.



PROFITEST 0100S-IIList of measuring device:



- inspection of electrical equipment and installations

- corresponds with VDE 0100/IEC 364-6-61, ČSN EN 33 2000-6-61, ČSN EN 61557-1-9

- all safety measurings required by DIN VDE 0100 part 610, ČSN EN 33 2000-6-61a also required by international norms (e.g. IEC 64-8, HD 364-6-61.S1), can be measured and tested with PROFiTEST 0100S-II.



CA 6410 Chauvin Arnoux

CA 6410 Chauvin Arnoux

- lightning conductors inspections

- earth-resistance meter

- measuring without interuption of earth conductor

- measuring of real state of earth loop

- measuring without the necessity to connect to a voltage source

- powering of the device from its own source

- maximal diameter of measured conductor 32mm





- inspection of electrical appliancies and tools according to ČSN 33 1610 and ČSN 331600

- measuring of insulation resistance up to 20 Ω

- measuring of low resistance up to 20 Ω by current > 200 mA

- measuring of touch currents

- measuring of leakage current by all known methods




If you aren't sure whether your device or applience needs electro inspection according to the valid norms, do not hesitate to contact us. We'll be happy to give you advice and we'll answer all your questions. Remember, electro inspection is not only fulfilling of some kind of formal norm, electricity can be dangerous to life and it is necessary to protect your health in the first place as well as health of your relatives or employees. It is always better to prevent problems.