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On this site, you can find links to companies, with which our company cooperates and also links to interesting websites. To visit these sites, just click on the web link.


• Moravská stavební unie s.r.o -

Turnkey construction work in the field of structural engineering, reconstruction of objects, superstructures and revitalization of panel houses and house cladding by various facade systems. The company offers help with getting the „Zelená úsporám“ and „Nový panel“ grants.


Kopřiva, revitalization of panel houses -

Revitalization of panel houses, heat cladding and facades. The company offers help with getting the „Zelená úsporám“ and „Nový panel“ grants


• PDcz Brno, s.r.o. -

PDcz Brno focuses on purchase, reconstruction, increase the value of, followed by development of real estate, that is located especially in the centre of Brno. The company belongs to the biggest private companies in this field of business in Brno.


• PH TRADE s.r.o. -

Complex services in the fields of air-conditioning, water, heating and gas, heat pumps and solar systems. With us, you can get anything you need for your quick and especially quality reconstruction of your bathroom!



Company SERVIS CENTRUM a.s. specializes in screen printing and tampon printing, but not only in polygraphic production, but it also focuses on various industrial application of this technique of deposition of layers. It does not deal with the actual printing, but only with deliveries of production devices and expendable supplies, consultancy and services. -

It is a website about high-current electrical technology. High-current electrotechnical diagrams, wiring. You can find the complete text of regulation 50/78 of Coll. Discussion about electrotechnical norms of ČSN. The site can be taken as a databank of electrotechnical information, magazine for electrotechnicians, projectants, inspectors, wire installers.

We are the publisher of electrotechnical literature, since 1998 we have been running the first internet information system for electrotechnicians and since 2000 the first provider of commercial information service (iiSEL) for sheer electrotechnical public.